Report on PET recipients in India

Via John Peter Kirubagaran of India Transformed! “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to distribute these wheel chairs free of cost to the under privileged, physically challenged and financially weak patients. More so it gave us immense joy to see the patients receive these wheel chairs which gave them some hope to be mobile. We have couriered you details in the attachment. Out of the fifteen wheel chairs that were given to us for distribution, eight are already given away and one will be released soon. Above all, our Associate Director Hospital, Fr Immanuel Raj and his office staff Sr Monica and team supported us and we were able to do this little for our financially weak, physically challenged patients. Thank you once again!”

PET carts impact the lives of the disabled in Haiti

One of our Haitian partners is in the US for a couple weeks, so he called me from Florida. He said, “Tina, you will not believe this. I was walking down the street and saw a man with a missing leg. I said, ‘Sir, come with
me to the church. I want to give you something that you will really like.’ So the man followed me and upon receiving his PET cart, he acted as if he went to heaven and back. His name is Patrick Jean. He is 56 years old and has 2 daughters, Gloria 25 and Victoria 27. They live in Jacquet, Petion-Ville, Haiti. He is unemployed and has experienced a rough life. His leg was amputated after the earthquake on January 12, 2010. The PET Cart enables him to move about easier now. I will see him again July 26, 2012 in Haiti. He told me his life is changed forever. One of the best ways we share the gospel is to take care of people in our community. Some of them may not even be a Christian. Patrick now visits our Petion-Ville Church regularly. He might accept Christ one day. We are still praying for him.”

Von, please let your volunteers know how they impacted this man’s life
forever. We really appreciate you all.

Tina Waldrum
Donor Liaison
Global Aid Network

PET NY-East Jewett loads PET carts for India

The PET Affiliate in East Jewett, NY made it possible to send over seventy PET carts to Lions District 322 B1 in Kolkata, India. This is an ongoing distribution partnership with the Lions in India and has resulted in many hundreds of PET carts reaching the disabled in this country. We want to thank the Lions at District 322 B1 and the generous people who make up the PET Affiliate in East Jewett, NY. Nice work friends! Von Driggs

PET recipient from Tacna, Peru

Emilio Valderlanquez Flores lives 40 minutes from Tacna in a very small fishing village. As you can see he is tall. Emilio is 57 years old and works helping the fishermen with their nets in sewing, etc. to repair and maintain them. He cannot walk and had been using only crutches. A regular wheelchair would not work in the sand.

Joyfully serving Him,
Judy Nuñez
Founder and CEO
Friends of the Disabled Latin America

Hotel rooms available for PET International Annual Meeting

The LaSalle Hotel in Bryan, Texas has set aside a block of 10 rooms for the P.I. Annual Meeting. The hotel would like to have registrations by the first week in August. It is not a football weekend, but there is already one wedding scheduled at the hotel that weekend. Details in the attached PDF.