C.A.M.P. Guatemala Pilot Project

Representatives from Hope Haven International Ministries and PET International began discussing a cooperative project in March 2010. These two organizations were joined by representatives from several other groups including Red Cross in Honduras, Lions Clubs in Texas, and a Christian ministry in India.

The resulting project is named the Central America Mobility Partnership (CAMP)-Guatemala Pilot Project. The project will be headquartered in Guatemala in a location that is conducive to east/west and north/south highway travel. The project will serve people with disabilities in Guatemala, Honduras, southern Mexico, Belize, and El Salvador.

The principle mission of the project is to provide the “Gift of Mobility” to people with disabilities in Central America, affording them an opportunity to live a more dignified and productive life. Secondarily, and equally important, this project aims to demonstrate how a group of international partners representing NGOs, secular service agencies, faith-based ministries, and corporations, working with and through local community leaders, can create and operate a sustainable system to improve the life and welfare of the disabled and their caregivers. An overarching mission is to demonstrate the transferability of the model to other locations in Central America and other developing countries throughout the world.

Many questions remain to be answered and much detailed planning lies ahead. The scope of the project is still evolving and will likely continue to do so in light of expectations of present and future partners. But the promise and potential it holds cannot be exaggerated. The historical working relationship between Hope Haven and PET, and their successes and accomplishments in helping people with disabilities and their caregivers have a better life, and the vast network of other individuals, agencies and organizations that share our mission, are grounds enough to move ahead with this pilot project.

New Videos from PET International and CBN News

PET International has completed production of a new 13 minute video, “Where there’s a WHEEL there’s a way”. The video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8viUUQjhco.

On October 16, CBN News reported on PETs sent to Senegal via the U.S. Navy’s “Operation Handclasp”. The video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEFs8u0QtBc.

See CBN Helping Senegal Disabled Gain Independence for the text version.

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