Many Hands for Haiti, Mobility, and Christ

From Haven CRC – Flame:

by Rob Van Beek | Feb 23, 2018 | Team Blog |

Our society is no stranger to the idea of short-term solutions to long-term problems. Often times, short-term mission trips are perceived as such. Our group, because we were only spending a week in Haiti, ventured with doubts that our trip would be valuable in the long term, both in Haiti and…

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Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia: Founder talks about leaving a legacy of values

How are you leaving a legacy for others?
Give the Gift of Mobility, Dignity, and Opportunity!
214 Mobility Carts built in 2018

This is a word to parents and grandparents, about legacies. As you plan for the legacies you will leave your children and grandchildren, be aware that they need to inherit your values far more than your valuables. Our youth live in a confused and confusing world, and they need to…

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“Now that he has the mobility unit, he will enroll for primary education”

From Mobility propels teen on academic journey:

By Richard Stephens | February 21, 2018

Shadreck Changes Course

Shadreck Makombola was born in the village where he currently resides, Likhomo Village in Southern Malawi. As he neared the age of 5 the problem became more and more evident. By the age of 14 years of age, the boy’s body has…

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Burma Children Medical Fund shares 11 Gifts of Mobility Carts

I wanted to share some early progress of the Mobility Cart donations!


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Mobility @ Columbia: shop news & Valentines you sent

Maker of the Mobility Cart since 1994.

179 Mobility Carts built in 2018
Check out the new Videos page on our website.

When you give a box of chocolate to someone you love or someone you care about, you give a Valentine. Last year, you sent 1,853 Mobility Cart Valentines across the world. This year so far, you have built 179 Valentines ready for another shipment of…

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MH4H delivers four Gifts of Mobility Carts

From Sunnybrook Change of Plans:

by MH4H | Feb 12, 2018 | Team Blog |

Schedules are made but plans change – especially when you’re in Haiti. The Sunnybrook team may have been thrown for a loop but that didn’t slow them. See how the the team has been running the path laid out for them regardless of where it…

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Mel’s notes on the economy of the world

Maker of the Mobility Cart since 1994.
Twig or your own toothbrush? How can you help change the economy of another family?
Give the Gift of Mobility, Dignity, and Opportunity!
Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia update 2/7/18: 174 Mobility Carts built in 2018

Check out the new Videos page on our website.

How much is too much, and when is not enough not enough? How should the resources of the world be distributed?…

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Mohammed’s Gift of Mobility means no more crawling

Without Mobility Cart:

“I am Mohammed Sesay and I am from Shenge. Shenge is one of the islands on the Atlantic Ocean near to the Western Area in Sierra Leone”.
“To come to Grafton, I have to travel by boat to Tombo on a journey that begins early in the morning and we arrive at 2 in the afternoon. And then I…

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MH4H: crowd gathers for 20 Mobility Carts; 18 others repaired

From PET – Listening:
by MH4H | Feb 2, 2018 | Team Blog |

The PET team has had a very rewarding day! Working side-by-side, they have connected with the people around them. By laying the foundations for new friendships and strengthening existing relationships, the team is breaking cultural barriers. Finally, keep reading to see how the day ended…

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Gaylord MN Rotary video of distribution in Sierra Leone

From Gaylord Rotary Club:
The Gaylord Rotary Club is excited to share that our first shipment of PET carts with Mobility Worldwide has been distributed to disabled recipients in the Freetown, Sierra Leone area. Here is what we are seeing from across the seas! Please watch for another post featuring several recipient stories, including Mohammed, whose video is shown in this collage.

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