Mission Inter Senegal Update

PETs await distribution in Senegal, Africa. MIS (Mission Inter Senegal) received 434 PETs in all.

Readers will recall that PET International sent 434 PETs to Senegal via a US Navy program called Project Handclasp in 2011. The Navy delivered the PETs to Senegal. Here is an excerpt from their report:

“The President for the Association of Handicapped for Senegal, Mr. Charif Ba, thanked MIS for this gift which they received with joy. He expressed thanks on behalf of all the recipients and emphasized that mobility is one of their biggest concerns. He testified that this was the first time Senegal has ever received such a gift for the handicapped.”

In spite of the shipment of 434 PETs, the need is far from met, and MIS requested more PETs. Von Driggs, director of operations for PET International, is working with Project Handclasp to see if that can be arranged in 2012.

PET carts distributed by Global Aid Network in the Horn of Africa

I just received these pictures of PET carts being distributed in the Horn of Africa. Please give all the PET volunteers a big “THANK YOU”.

Tina Waldrum
Global Aid Network

Forbes Magazine rates Gleaning for the World “most efficient”

Gleaning for the World is becoming a significant PET distribution partner. We have sent them 363 PETs over the last year. From a press release:

“Forbes Magazine has just recognized Gleaning For The World, a faith-based humanitarian organization, as the most efficient charity in the United States. This marks the third time that Gleaning For The World has been honored by Forbes.

“More than 200 charities were evaluated in Forbes’ annual study, including World Vision, the American Red Cross, Campus Crusade for Christ, Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society. Gleaning For The World received the 100% efficiency rating in charitable commitment and fundraising efficiency.”