Our Promises to our Donors and Volunteers

  1. We promise to keep you regularly informed as to how Mobility Worldwide is investing your donations of money, supplies, time, energy and skills to make a difference around the world.
  2. We promise to seek out God’s “least of these” persons and direct your resources to changing their lives.
  3. We promise to serve the needs of people as a Christian ministry, but without regards to race, religion, sexual preference or other such factors.
  4. We promise to be true to our mission, that of providing THE GIFT OF MOBILITY to those most in need.
  5. We promise to be truthful and frank in our fundraising efforts, and not to create a monthly crisis, or otherwise unduly make emotional pleas for your support. We do rely upon your gifts. It is the simple fact that the more you give the more people Mobility Worldwide can help.
  6. We promise financial fidelity. We will work efficiently, making the most of every dollar or other gifts that you provide. Using the gifts of volunteers and networking with cooperating agencies, we will make every effort to get the most possible mission out of every gift you give.  Strict accounting and an annual audit are standard procedure.  A pdf of our last review by a CPA firm can be emailed upon request.
  7. We promise to never sell or share our donor list. All your information will be strictly confidential.
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