April 2016 Mobility Kansas Distribution with Hope Haven Guatemala

From Wheelchairs for the Least of These: “Guatemala 2016…..you think you’re going to fly to Guatemala and bless some folks who need mobility….but guess what? Yes, they receive a blessing, but your heart is changed forever! Thank you Lord for allowing us to BE ONE!!!! Thank you Natalie Grant for nailing it with this song!!!!”

Mobility Kansas is a Mobility Worldwide affiliate workshop that builds the Mobility Cart, an all-terrain wheelchair given to the disabled in  developing countries.  Landmines, illness, birth defects, diseases, war, and accidents all contribute to the more than 20 million people unable to walk in developing countries. The “before” and “after” pictures to the left and below show both the desperate mobility need and the resulting Gift of Mobility for a Mobility Cart recipient in Honduras.

Mobility Kansas with the support of volunteers and donors has built about 3,400 Mobility Carts.  This group has continued to grow, recently adding and building the Push Pull Mobility Cart for recipients unable to use the traditional Mobility Cart, offering mobility and easing their families’ burden of having to carry their disabled family member.

Man uses hand pads

Before: This man uses hand pads to scuffle along on the ground.

Man uses Mobility Cart instead of hand pads

After: With your help, a Mobility Cart lifts this man out of the dirt.

The Push Pull Mobility Cart is a God-send for families.

The Push Pull Mobility Cart is a God-send for families.