1.12 August 2012

  • 2012 Annual Meeting and Related Workshop Conference September 14 & 15
  • PET International Director Search
  • A great day for the disabled at Kuthandiza Osayenda Disability Outreach in Malawi
  • PET cart delivery arrives in Lagos, Nigeria through Project Handclasp & USS Swift
  • Swiss-Sierra Leone development foundation community hospital in Makeni, distributes PET carts
  • PET reports in Freedom Wheelchairs August newsletter

1.11 July 2012

  • PET International Director Search
  • Aizada has a holiday today
  • Photo and story from Thailand
  • A Call to Serve PET Reports from Georgia
  • Leprosy patient uses PET to get to treatments

1.10 June 2012

  • PET MO-Columbia set new shipment record last week!
  • PET Cart report from Colombia
  • MedWish International begins to distribute PET carts
  • Reports & photos from The Luke Commission in Swaziland

1.9 May 2012

  • Report on PET recipients in India
  • PET carts impact the lives of the disabled in Haiti
  • PET NY-East Jewett loads PET carts for India
  • PET recipient from Tacna, Peru
  • Hotel rooms available for PET International Annual Meeting

1.8 April 2012

  • Workshops & Sessions scheduled for Annual Meeting
  • CHaRA highlights PET cart distribution
  • How PET distributions happen in Zambia
  • PET sighting in Belize

1.7 March 2012

  • Gold PET #1000 from PET-MI Holland
  • Pull PET photo from Zambia
  • Words of thanks from the Ukraine
  • PET Photos from Medshare partner in Bangladesh

1.6 February 2012

  • Mission Inter Senegal Update
  • PET carts distributed by Global Aid Network in the Horn of Africa
  • Forbes Magazine rates Gleaning for the World “most efficient”

1.5 January 2012

  • PET International Annual Meeting 9/14-15 in Bryan, Texas
  • Medical Ministry International continues Peru PET distribution
  • Disabled mother in Malawi receives PET cart with the help of friends and her son
  • PET Panama Recipient Photos
  • PET story from Hope Clinic Guinea Prayer Letter

1.4 December 2011

  • A Brief Report from Orphan Grain Train
  • Photos from MIS in Senegal
  • PET Distribution at the Salesian School in Haiti

1.3 November 2011

  • PET story and photos from Zambia, November 2011
  • Letter from Orphan Grain Train
  • Pray for Sekou at Hope Clinic Guinea

1.2 October 2011

  • C.A.M.P. Guatemala Pilot Project
  • New Videos from PET International and CBN News

1.1 September 2011

  • Annual Meeting hosted September 23&24 by PET-KS Moundrige
  • Over 300 PET carts arrive in Dakar, Senegal
  • Lions Districts in India receive 550 donated PET carts