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Our mission is to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ by providing mobility to the least of God’s children throughout the world.

Mobility Worldwide West Michigan is a faith-based organization which began in July of 2009 to change the lives of leg handicapped children in developing countries by giving them a Mobility Cart.

According to the World Health Organization over 70 million people are leg/feet handicapped in developing countries. Many of these people live in areas where a regular wheelchair will not work. They’ve been severely impacted by birth defects, disease, accidents, or military conflicts, which often leave active land mines and unexploded ordinance in the vicinity of regular people, just like us. Millions of these people are children. These children are the focus of the Mobility Worldwide West Michigan organization.

In the developing world having no mobility often means having no opportunity – no opportunity for vaccinations, nutrition, work, worship, or a future outside of squalor. Restoring mobility often restores people’s place in their world, their village, their family, and resurrects their personal sense of dignity and self-worth. Mobility Worldwide West Michigan is helping in this restoration, and you can help!