PET MO-Columbia set new shipment record last week!

“Last week was the biggest week of shipping on record. On Monday we
shipped 40 PETs and 23 sewing machines to Mozambique. Wednesday we shipped a container of 212 PETs to Swaziland.” Mel West

PET MO-Columbia has a resolution to build 2012 PETs in 2012 which translates to 1000 built to date. The actual total to date is 1012!

PET Cart report from Colombia

[Note how many partners are involved in bringing these PET carts to those in need!]

From the bottom of my heart I want to say thanks, thank you for having us Fundacion Ministerios Medicos para Niños de Colombia on your list of beneficiaries, I thank God for you, your superiors, for the people who make the carts, for Hope Haven International, for Children’s Medical, for the U.S. Navy, for Conexion Colombia and Davida, well for everyone who kindly shared the gift of giving humanitarian aid.


Fundacion Ministerios Medicos de Colombia


MedWish International begins to distribute PET carts

“We just received an awesome donation from the kind folks at PET (Personal Energy Transportation). Humanitarian Aid Specialist and test pilot Heidi test drives it for us. … What looks like a fun warehouse toy for us will mean mobility for the disabled in developing countries!”

Andres Perez-Charneco
Director of Operations
MedWish International

Reports & photos from The Luke Commission in Swaziland

An excerpt: “Here’s a PET cart that has been used so much on the highways and byways that the owner (seated in middle) has licensed it. He sells produce from the back of the cart and travels many kilometers every day to reach customers. The all-rubber wheels and carrier in the back are perfect for Swaziland’s rough bush terrain. The Luke Commission’s staff member and translator Nathi (far right) went to this man’s hut to talk about what parts need to be replaced on well-used cart. Nathi will help him overhaul the cart this very day.”
Routinely at TLC mobile clinics, Nathi assembles PET carts, adjusts them for individual recipients, and teaches them how to use and keep the carts in good repair. “I have great joy when these carts are given to my fellow Swazis,” said Nathi. See more…