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Distributions in Guatemala

Because of our long term partnership with Hope Haven International Ministries, we have sent many shipments of PETs to Guatemala. They operate an on site wheelchair production and repair shop there employing many wheelchair users. And sometimes they connect us with other NGOs to partner with around the world. Here is another story because of our great mobility relationship. PET volunteers met up with this past PET recipient in March 2011.

Ernesto contracted Polio at the age of seven. For years he had been begging money on the streets, spending his days on the ground. Then at the age of44, he received a PET. Using his creativity and entrepreneurial skills, he made a “Snack Cart” to sell soda and chips from. He pedaled 7 kilometers to a PET distribution that was taking place in Coban, Guatemala, to show us what he had done. When he stopped in the morning his cart was full; when he came back in the afternoon, his cart was empty—he had sold out! This PET not only gave Ernesto mobility, it also gave him the opportunity to support himself.” Report by board member, Susan Williams

PET International works with many reliable distribution partners around the world. In January we coordinated multiple production shops to send their PETs to Gleaning for the Worldfor their work in Guatemala. Later this report came from a volunteer from another NGO who helped with the distribution of PETs.March 2011 “Look at the “Jose before” photo first. A year ago, this child had an eleven pound tumor on his back, so large and heavy, he could not walk. He was so listless that I really thought he also was mentally disabled as well. He had open sores on his bottom from dragging himself around on the concrete floor of their house. Carlos and World Harvest Church rescued him and did the operation …. and your ministry sent these great little hand pedaled carts. (see other pictures) Wow,what a difference in his life! He is happy and scooting around like a crazy, laughing and joking. There is hope he may walk in the future, but for now, he can get around. Thanks for all you do! Mary Hutchison (Part of team for Gleaning for the World)”

Other Tidbits

US Navy Project Handclasp: We have begun to ship PETs with the US Navy free of charge to our overseas partners. Our Volunteer Executive Director went to San Diego earlier this year to attend a meeting with the US Navy and other NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Our first shipment thru this project included 100 PETs to CARE-Belize. In January over 300 PETs from Affiliates across the country were sent to Virginia. They were to go to a NGO in Senegal, Africa. But the US Naval ship was reassigned because of unrest in Libya. In late April the US Navy asked if we could divert some of the PETs to head to groups in Ecuador where the US Naval Hospital Ship Comfort was going. (See Ecuador photo slide show.) We gladly said yes and worked with Fundacion Vista Para Todos. When the US Navy is able to once again head to Senegal, our Affiliates will replenish the supply. In March 72 PETs went to Tonga, Papua New Guinea, and Micronesia via this same project.

Distribution Partner reports:

This is an excerpt of MedShare’s report of March 2011. They shipped a 40 foot container filled with donated medical supplies and equipment for a hospital in Peru. “…Hopefully the donations on the MedShare container will ease the burden! The hospital’s medical team of Peruvian doctors were able to hand-select the supplies from MedShare’s internet-based inventory. Over 1,000 individuals pieces of medical supplies and equipment were shipped, including:….Personal Energy Transport vehicles…. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this shipment possible!”

“Sometimes what is not speaks more than what is. That is the case with PET carts in Swaziland. They are not wheelchairs, because wheelchairs do not hold up in the bush. They are not beautiful, though they are colorful. They are not difficult to repair, for maintenance is difficult in Africa. Personal Energy Transportation carts lift those with physical difficulties off the ground and give them mobility and usefulness…. In the past year, TLC assessed disabilities and gave away 200 “alternative wheelchairs” in Swaziland….” The Luke Commission medical team. See their full report with pictures of PET recipients and our director of operations.

PET report from Mexico: January 2011 “I am on a VIM (volunteers in mission thru the United Methodist Church) trip in Mexico. Today we were at a warehouse where PETs were being loaded into a pickup truck for transport to another location. What a joy to see these sitting on the dock ready to be delivered. We were with Willie, the VIM man for Mexico. Also there was a truck full of medicine supplies ready to be unloaded. Also we visited a lad who has his PET sitting by his home. Yes, they are being used. Boyd Crees, Iowa” (Willie Berman with PET below. We appreciate his great help over the last four years.)

PET production achievements: PET MI-Holland specializes in producing the child size PET. They were excited to report by the end of last year they had built their 500th PET. They are thrilled at what they have accomplished for children in need in 18 months by working just 3 days a week. PET MI-Holland is just another example of how the whole PET family is greatly expanding to provide mobility.

Automatic debit donations are available. If you would like to become a regular/monthly donor, please fill out the form and send with your voided check. Or write to us for information. Any dollar amount is possible and changes can be made with notice. We can also receive donated shares of stocks through our brokerage account.

Gifts in honor or memory

In honor of Mrs. Arlene Winn by Kevin Winn; O. Eugene & Rena Moore by O. E. Moore Jr. & Family; James & Barbara Bailey by Bruce & Kim Bailey; Karen & Rex Kummer and Allen & McKenna Lang by Elizabeth Mitchell; Marjorie Peik McKay by Marcia & Mory Mani

In memory of Charles Donald Smith by Laurie Milnor

PET Affiliate loading another shipment

What do mobility production, pizza parties and #843 have in common?

“The picture was taken after our 20th load-out. After each load-out, we have a pizza party to celebrate and have a team meeting. The sign shows how many we’ve built, packed and shipped as of May 12, 2011. Not shown are the members of our paint crews. They work at another location but they make our Rainbow PETs possible. They work under the rule that “No more than 8 boards canhave the same color.” Included in our paint crew is a 90 year old lady (prior missionary) and an 89 year old man (prior aviation engineer). The Inland NorthWest PET Project is in its 6th year. We work in two shifts during the week. God has put togetheran amazing team of men and women who work with a “Sure!” ethic: “Sure, How can we make that work?” We have a team barbecue with our families each year to celebrate what the Lord has allowed us to do in His Glory. Dick Carpenter, Director” (They have many parts maker volunteers across the country who work in their home shops and companies who contribute as many production shops do.)

PET International’s Annual Meeting coming soon

September 23 and 24, Friday and Saturday
Eden Mennonite Church in Moundridge, Kansas

We are preparing for our next annual meeting where our board of trustees meet once a year face to face, and we offer workshops for our Affiliate volunteers to come learn and share. All are invited. This year our Affiliate, PET KS-Moundridge, is hosting the gathering. There is no registration fee to attend, but some costs for meals. Lodging is on your own. If you are interested in participating in this 2 day event, contact us for detailed information including lodging. During the day, committee meetings and workshops will be held. The board meeting will be one evening. Another evening will include a sharing of PET news. Those that can, may join us for worship on Sunday.

More Stories

CAMP Project Meeting in Guatemala

CAMP stands for Central America Mobility Partnership. We have many distribution partners serving in Central America. Together we are in the process of developing a more comprehensive distribution system for this part of the world. Our partners include the Red Cross, Hope Haven International Ministries, CARE-Belize and Arms of Mercy. Reps from these partners attended the second CAMP meeting held in Guatemala last September. Our two directors and someof our board members went to help with a PET distribution and attend this meeting.

An NBC news crew, KOMU TV8, from Columbia, MO, also went and aired a series of features called The Culture That Crawls. See the 20 minute compilation at The Culture That Crawls. (Scott Schaeffer, videographer, Sarah Hill & Alex Rozier, news anchors)