Young lady with promise and hope for the future

From Mobility Worldwide North Alabama Newsletter:

Several years ago, Alina Adams, Physical Therapy Program Director at Wallace State Community College, took several students to Kenya on a cart distribution. She arranged the trip with Kenya Relief. Since they were not familiar with the carts, we invited them to our shop where they helped build and pack some carts. As they got ready to leave, we offered to loan them a cart to take with them to practice unpacking and assembly. As a result, when they got to Kenya, they were able to “hit the ground running.” Alina was so impressed that she “requires” the physical therapy students to come to our shop at least once before they graduate. We always look forward to having the students. They are all nice and hard workers. It gives us a chance to show them at least one way to think outside the box. Many of the techniques that they learn are regimented. However, occasionally they might have a patient that doesn’t fit the usual routine.

As you can see, the young lady pictured above has no legs. She crawled a long distance using flip flops on her hands to receive her cart. The persons making the distribution asked if she would allow her picture to be taken with her new cart. She refused until she could go home and put on her best clothes for the picture. I think her message was that she was no longer the girl crawling in the mud and dirt, but a young lady with promise and hope for the future.

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