Help make all physically challenged people mobile!

From Partners for Care:Kericho mobility devices
We remain committed to our goal of making all physically challenged people in Kenya mobile through our work in the Mobility Carts and Devices Program.
Our team held an event in partnership with the Kericho County Government today where we donated 10 Mobility Carts, 15 walkers, 2 rollators, packs of diapers, sanitary towels, cerebral palsy wheelchairs, whitecanes, toilet seats, a TV and foodstuff.
The event was attended by the Kericho County Governor, Dr. Erick Kipkoech Mutai, Senior Deputy County Commissioner Nakuru East, Simiyu Were, Rani Ramchadhani Foundation President, Rani Ramichadhani, Askari Ni Binadamu Founder, Sammy Ondimu, Seven area MCAs and many representatives from the community leadership.
We appreciate Mobility Worldwide and Friends of Disabled Adults and Children for your support in the Mobility Carts Program.

Kericho Mobility Carts
Name: multiple
Country: Kenya
Disability: multiple
Partner: Partners for Care

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