About Mobility Worldwide

We are a global faith-based organization grounded by our vision of ending immobility in the world. Our network of volunteer-run affiliate workshops helps us empower people by making life more accessible through mobility aids.

Our Mission

At Mobility Worldwide, we aim to reflect God’s love by bringing mobility access to those in developing countries who are unable to walk. We carry out this mission by building, distributing, and teaching others how to use our Mobility Carts and other aids.

Our Philosophy

While our Mobility Carts are a staple of our outreach, our desire to end mobility goes beyond the cart. We also raise funds and partner with affiliates to refurbish traditional mobility aids like canes, foldable walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. This broader scope allows us to reach the people who need it most.

Stay Up-to-Date

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Our Mobility Carts

Mobility Worldwide designs and oversees the production of sturdy, simple, low-cost mobility carts throughout our affiliate network. Visit our carts page to learn more.
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