Our Shipments Make an Impact

Building Mobility Carts and refurbishing mobility aids are only the start of our outreach at Mobility Worldwide. Our team makes an incredible effort each year to ensure that our Mobility Carts ship to people who need them the most.

By the Numbers

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Our Distribution Network

Our Affiliate Workshops in the US and Africa build the essential Mobility Cart components. From there, we coordinate with volunteer organizations like World Vision, Pathways to Hope, and Partners for Care to distribute mobility aids globally.

Community Partnership

Partnering with communities is vital to the success of our mission at Mobility Worldwide. We work with local advocacy groups to assemble and distribute mobility aids once they reach their destination.

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Increasing Accessibility Through Mindful Mobility

According to the World Health Organization, over 80 million people need mobility assistance worldwide, and the unfortunate truth is that many have limited access to tools that could improve their quality of life. We’re working to change that at Mobility Worldwide. 

Our global affiliate network partners with local communities to design, build, and distribute Mobility Carts that can traverse any type of terrain and other aids that open the door to a richer life for people with disabilities that affect mobility.

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