PET Mobility Project Foundation

In honor of the lasting legacy establish by Co-Founders Earl Miner, Larry Hills, and Reverend Melvin West, the PET Mobility Project Foundation was formed to promote and support the distribution of Mobility Carts around the world and support Mobility Worldwide’s vision of ending immobility around the world. 

The Foundation serves as a resource for Mobility Worldwide supporters and affiliates, who want to give legacy donations, such Estate Beneficiaries, Trusts, and Retirement Funds. To learn more, please contact us. 


Margot Newcomb, Chair

Rob Fleming, Treasurer & General Counsel

Sam Singer, Secretary

John Rudd, Trustee

Tom Rickert, Trustee

Steve Baima, Trustee

Pete Verhey, Trustee

Christopher J. Stanfill, Executive Director

Supporting Documents

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