You Gave this Gift of Mobility to Dickson

From Mobility Worldwide East AL & West GA:
Dickson before
For a moment, put yourself in Dickson’s place.

You have been experiencing life through a state of mobility impairment for years.

Relocating your physical body from place to place is really difficult and painful.

Maybe you have remained faithful, but perhaps you’ve become hopeless.

Suddenly, through no act of your own, a solution to your profound difficulty is presented to you in the form of a gift.

You have experienced a miracle. Your life will never be the same again.

It was in Kilifi county, Kenya, Africa that I witnessed this miraculous movement of God.

I witnessed the change that occurred when 35-year-old Dickson, a male with very limited and painful mobility, is suddenly blessed with a gift that changes the paradigm of his life in an extraordinary way.

The paradigm of impaired mobility is replaced with one of enabled mobility.

As a donor or volunteer, it is through your actions that God chooses to work. He blesses and multiplies your gift or the works of your hands into something of much greater value than that which you gave.

Many thanks to you for being the hands and feet of God and for expressing His love through a Gift of Mobility.

Dickson on cart
Name: Dickson
Country: Kenya
Disability: not specified
Partner: not specified

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