Worn out Mobility Cart found in Gabon near the Congo boarder

I wanted to share this with you, this is one woman I know that could use a new Mobility Cart. When I lived in Gabon in 2011 this woman asked me if I could repair her chair, It sure looks like a PET to me, but an old version. Her village is close to the Congo border so that may be where the PET came from. It was beyond my abilities to repair so the best I could do was replace it with a chair from Free Wheelchair Mission. She was appreciative, but I know she really had hoped for another PET since it offers a far superior transportation option on rough ground.

I know where this woman lives, she had polio as a child and now is raising 4 kids as a single mother, she would be elated to have a PET again.

Dan Lewan | E4 PROJECT

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