How would you like to give a cooler & a business opportunity?

Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update: 924 built since 1-1-17

Persons who receive Mobility Carts often have three responses.

First, they experience pure joy at receiving the gift of mobility. For the first time in many years, they are able to move about, to look people in the eye, to be social. A huge smile often accompanies their inner joy.

Second, they ask the question, “Why would someone a half a world away, whom I can never thank personally, who does not even know me, do this for me?”

Third, They ask, “How can I use this cart to help make a living for myself, and to pay back those who have for so long supported me?”

Ten or so years ago as we heard that question we began to experiment with ways in which we could supply some help in answering that last question. We sent shoe shine kits, but that did not catch on. Charlie Christy developed a grinder attachment for the cart so the driver could go about sharpening knives and scissors. That did not catch on.

But when we sent picnic coolers so the driver could become a street salesperson for snacks and drinks, that hit the spot. We developed what we call the “mini-mart”, which is composed of a 28-quart quality picnic cooler, a couple of sturdy plastic boxes to hold candy, etc., and a wooden rack to attach to the cart to hold the cooler.

(Happy recipients in Guatemala in 2011.)

We are now sending hundreds of Mobility Carts to an outstanding NGO in Kenya – Partners For Care. They have received some mini-marts in the first full shipment in March, and now they want more. They write, “PFC wants to give the disabled more than mobility. We want to give them a way to make a living and the mini-marts do that. And they really like the plastic containers.”

(Picture from Connie Cheren, Founder.)

We need your help in getting the additional requested 50 mini-marts ready by July 26. Bring a new Igloo or Coleman 28 qt coolers without wheels to Mobility Worldwide at 1908 Heriford, Columbia, MO 65202. Or, if you can pay for a complete mini-mart, send a check to Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia, and mark it “Mini-Mart” or give online now. Our volunteers will build the wooden tray & ready the strap.

Help someone move from being a beggar crawling upon the ground, to a business person sitting straight up, with dignity and purpose, marketing a product that people want.
“A missed opportunity is worse than a defeat.” – ?Anon
Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia