I never saw it coming

By Malawi Project / October 24, 2022

Mwachira from Lilongwe, Malawi, a 65-year-old man describes the day in 2019 when everything in his life changed.

“It was a day I will never forget,” he said, “a day I nearly kissed the Earth goodbye. While I was cycling back home after an unsuccessful business day at the market, I was involved in an accident. A truck hit me from behind as I cycled along the side of the road. I lay unconscious on the ground. Sadly, the driver did not stop, and there was no one who saw the accident. I was all alone. After some time, two people on bicycles saw and took me to the health center. They quickly transferred me to Kamuzu Central Hospital. My condition called for a special orthopedic doctor from outside the country. But it was during the COVID-19 pandemic , and there was a ban on him entering the country. I tried twice but failed because of the restrictions.”

The health authorities told him he would need a wheelchair to become mobile again, but the price was out of the question. Since then, years passed with no change in his condition or situation. Then he learned about Action for Progress. Its reputation for helping people has settled into the minds of many Malawians. Mwachira went to Action for Progress to request a Mobility Cart in person. His medical documents were reviewed, and he was given a thorough assessment, and then a brand new green and blue Mobility Cart was wheeled out and fitted for his use. He peddled around the Action for Progress‘ warehouse and grounds. Back home, his wife and daughter gathered with him for a family picture beside his new unit.

“Those who sent us here had said we would be assisted. We held on to that, and we thank God for this Mobility Cart,” he said. “I might not go back to the exact lifestyle I used to have, but this Mobility Cart will assist me to go places where I have been unable to travel. I believe it will enable me to conduct a small business. Thank you to everyone who made this Mobility Cart possible.”
Name: Mwachira
Country: Malawi
Disability: traffic accident
Partner: Malawi Project