From Mel West, Mobility Worldwide co-founder:
When I visited The Republic of Georgia in 2000 Mobility Worldwide (PET) was well underway. We had sent them a few PETs and they loved them. The Russians had taken about everything on wheels when they left, including all wheelchairs.
When a leg-handicapped person in the hospital needed to be moved he/she sat in a chair and two strong people picked up the chair and carried them.

I came back to Missouri and we sent them a shipment of 85 PETs. In due time we received a lovely color-photo book from them with photos and personal stories of about 40 of the persons who received the PETs. The person responsible for delivering the PETs wrote, in the introduction of the book:
“We have discovered a whole new world for us, the world inhabited by people who lost any hope as well as those who did not surender and are desperately trying to fight their immobility. Meeting those people, listening to their stories, taught us a lot. The time came when we could not keep all we had learned and experienced locked up in our souls. This little booklet is to share our feelings, to tell you about the feelings and thoughts of those whose life was changed thanks to your thoughtfulness, care and compassion. We want to share with you the waves of love and gratitude, to show you the courage and spirit of those who are more deprived than other people.”
For the next two days or so I will share with you some of those stories.
Mel West