From Mel West:
In the early years of PET we sent a shipment of the wheelchairs to ACTS (A Call To Serve) in the Republic of Georgia. The woman who was in charge of distributing the PETs, named Eteri, published a booklet of photos of each recipient and a short story about them She wrote:
“We have discovered a new world for us – the world of people who have lost any hope as well as those who did not surrender and are desperately trying to fight their immobility. Meeting these people, listening to their stories, taught us a lot, and the time came when we could no longer keep all that we had learned locked up in our souls. This little book is to share our feelings and to share the feelings of those whose life was changed, thanks to your thoughtfulness and compassion.
We want to share with you the waves of love and gratitude, to show you the love and courage of those who are more deprived than other people.
The first story she told was of Mamuka Chikobava, 38, with polio. He had never accepted his immobility, and was fighting it. He dreamed to get out into the street, to visit friends. PET fulfilled that dream. He wrote:
“I do not have the words to properly thank you. I was a miser and now I am a man. You have changed my life. I did not smile for years. Now I am smiling. Thank you for saving my life.”
That is what Mobility Worldwide (PET) is all about.
Mel West