Sitting on the ground, no legs, left out

From Mel West:
Our files show that we began corresponding with Kenya about PETs in 1998. Our first shipment was made in 2004, and a photo was made of some recipients. It shows a crowd of smiling people, some sitting on their PETs.
But on the ground in the center is a man named Wawire, with no legs, arms folded, and a definite frown on his face. They ran out of PETs before they got to him. His body language speaks volumes about his feeling about that.
That is the dilemma with which Mobility Worldwide (PET) works daily. With the multiplied millions needing mobility, who does one pick first and who does on leave out?
Mobility Worldwide does not pick the individual recipients. We pick reliable NGO’s who work with such persons, and trust them to make good selections. We leave it up to them to explain to the Wawires why they did not receive the gift of mobility. We just work harder to send more PETs.
A second shipment of PETs was made to Kenya in 2008, via Lion’s Clubs in the USA and in Kenya. Now we are shipping Kenya several hundred units a year.
And I trust that Wawire has received one.
It is the donors who control how many PETs we ship. We keep a fixed amount of money in the bank (about 3 months operating costs) as security to keep us running in case of a slack in income. Other than that we build PETs according to what is in the bank. Each year’s production plan is based on last year’s income.
There are millions of Wawires out there in the world, sitting and waiting. Some like Wawire are a bit impatient.
Mel West

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