From Partners for Care, in partnership with MedShare:

Greetings All,

We have improved the lives of many. Here is one example. This physically challenged student was carried to school every day by someone in his family in their arms.

Now he is able to go to school on his own.


It was reported that he was already a very good student but now he is much happier. We have helped to distribute about 2,000 PET Carts in Kenya.

In 2016, about 100,000 children were out of school in Kenya because of a disability. One in every 10 Kenyans below the age of 21 is disabled in some form. About 100 million children under the age of 14 globally have disabilities. 80% are in developing countries with few means to help them.

Special thanks to Partners For Care, our distribution partner in Kenya.

Thank you for all you do!!

Warm regards,