“Shucks, I could build one of those.”

From Mel West:
Now that our missionary in Zaire had given the go-ahead on the production of PETs (Personal Energy Transportation) I had a lot of learning and work to do. First, I had to promote and raise money. There were limits to what Barbara and I could do financially.
I took a PET to a very large United Methodist Mission meeting in Kansas City and rented a booth to make the project known to our denomination. A man of retirement years, from Montana, came along, looked the PET thoroughly over, and said, “Shucks, I could build one of those.” I said to him, “When can you start? Rodney Miner, Earl’s son, who lived in Montana was them building some PETs. I had this man make some parts and send them to Rodney. That started the principle that ALL PETs
WOULD BE MADE BY VOLUNTEERS. That principle holds today. Many work from their home shops.
I just came from visiting our PET production center here in Columbia. Four happy volunteers were building PETs that will be a part of a shipment next week to Kenya.
The pews of our churches are filled with men and women who have retired and have great life skills. We invite them into our shops to give of their skills and energy to enable persons now crawling upon the ground to arise to a new life of hope, pride, dignity, comfort, and productivity.
We are told that we have our greatest moments of personal satisfaction when we take skills that we have learned and use them to help someone less fortunate. That is exactly what Mobility Worldwide (PET) does, and our shops are the happiest places in town.
Mel West

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