Tim Stowe from Wyandotte United Methodist Church in Kansas City, MO gives this report:

Freshly reassembled carts are distributed by Work Team in Kenya
“Today brings an early morning flight to the coastal city of Malinda in Kilifi County. One hour on a prop plane from Jambojet, and we hit the ground running. First was a stop for brunch overlooking the Indian Ocean. We headed to the Partners for Care Kilifi regional center headed by the charismatic and amazingly capable Peter. We were given a great tour of the facilities, which includes a computer school, sewing school, and an adult literacy school. In each, a few students shared their stories and the impact of their studies. The staff was very caring and committed.

“Then came the big moment, time to assemble the Mobility Carts! Fortunately, we were each paired with an experienced assembler, or we might still be there. Ten recipients were seated near their carts. Some chose to help assemble as best they could. Some just observed closely.

“As each cart came together, the anticipation grew. We helped each to get on board for a test drive. The learning curve to gain motion is a small one and soon they were zipping about. Shouts of glee and, at the least, broad smiles abounded. What a blessing we all felt!

Readying Mobility Cart while recipient waits

Readying Mobility Cart while recipient waits

“We were so impressed by the many needs filled by Partners for Care. Besides the schools and carts, there are safe water packs, bed nets, medical care and even rope beds.

“We finished our day with a seafood dinner waterside, nestled among the mangroves.

“Lord, thank you for such a fulfilling day! Tim Stowe”

Country: Kenya
Partner: Partners for Care