From Shiny Objects:
Boya in Mobility Cart
I was recently asked by someone I admire and respect why I do what I do and how I keep from being distracted by “shiny objects.”

Boya before cartThe photo of Boya Lesila before he received a cart and after he received his cart answers both questions. I am motivated because what Partners for Care does makes a difference for some of the most vulnerable children in the world and I keep focused because of all the wonderful Kenya staff and donors and volunteers here in the US.

Partners for Care has willing and passionate staff in Kenya like Kano and his team, led by Sammy, who traveled miles through the desert to find this little boy and give him a cart. I am motivated by Mobility Worldwide which trusts us as an organization to give us Mobility Carts to distribute. And, the thousands of retired men and women (many in their 90s) who would rather make a cart during their retirement years than “sit on the porch” as they say, motivate me and keep me focused.

And staying focused on the work honors those who support Partners for Care with their prayers and financial contributions. Those funds pay to ship the container of Mobility Carts to Kenya, the ground costs to get Mobility Carts to the children like Boya who need them, and pay our staff a salary so they can feed their own families.

We don’t know what the future holds for Boya as he is able to go to school now and begin his education. Will he grow up to be a doctor, a pastor, or a teacher? Only God knows the plans he has for this little boy in the desert. Together we did our part – he is no longer crawling on the ground or confined to the manyatta where he lives.

As I leave for Kenya tomorrow to lend support and give encouragement to our staff I remember why I do what I do….and why I don’t get distracted by “shiny objects.”

Name: Boya
Country: Kenya
Disability: Polio