From Mel West:
Dear Sir/Madam,
We are happy to introduce ourselves as th parents of Francis Gironyo, who recently received the wonderful gift of a PET.
It was a happy moment for us, and especially for Francis, who has had difficulty moving. He was attending a school which is about 3/4 mile away from our home, but he could no longer go because of his legs. The PET will enable him to attend school when it starts next month.
Francis was born with a leg problem, and we parents have tried to find a solution to his problem, but we could not. But with the very special assistance of our local member of Parliament, we were able to get a PET. We are very grateful because we don’t know what our son would have done because of his disability. He could walk only a few feet, and then would have to sit down. Now he can go to school and haul his books.
We have been going through the handouts and see that you have done a very commendable job of helping people with mobility problems. You will be pleased to know that the PET is performing very well on our rough terrain. Francis can now be sent to the shops to buy a few items for us, and to the grain mill. As a mother, I am very happy because it makes my work easier.
Our compliments to your production team.
Very truly Mr. & Mrs. Ngige,, Kenya”
(Note: Kenya is now our biggest recipient of PETs.)
Mel West