Peirce family carries on tradition of giving Mobility Carts

Peirce Family
The Pierce family, consisting of Josh (father), Kellie (mother), Noel and Benjamin (children), live in the small bush community from McGrath, Alaska with a population of only 300 residents. They have been supporters of Mobility Worldwide since they learned of the organization’s work in the early 2000s.

Josh works as a wildlife biologist pilot for Alaska Fish and Game and Kellie homeschools their children and works as a park ranger with Innoko National Wildlife Refuge.

The Pierce family is overjoyed to be going on a mission trip this winter to Liberia. Noel and Kellie are learning American Sign Language in order to communicate with girls at the deaf and mute school, Days for Girls outreach.

The Pierce family is looking forward to participating in distributing carts and eyeglasses. Sharing Jesus’ love to all is the heart of their lives and being a part of the Liberia Mobility Worldwide team is a true blessing to them.

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