Partners For Care: Mobile After 47 years on hands and knees

Koya on Mobility Cart

When Koya was 19 years old, she began to experience the loss of the use of her lower legs. Life in the desert region of northern Kenya can be a challenge for anyone, but for someone with limited mobility, it is brutal. In her village of Korr, the harsh climate means acquiring basic necessities, like food and water, demands mobility.

She learned to get around with the use of a “hand stick”. When that was not available, she learned to move around by bending from the waist and crawling with knees on the ground, supporting herself with her two hands.

As her legs bent and twisted from the knee down, Koya had few resources to help her.

Kano Daro, Partners for Care’s Marabit Director, heard of Koya’s situation and knew a Mobility Cart would change her life. He rented a vehicle, hired a driver, and set off across 122 miles through sand and areas of unrest to reach her.

Because of donors like you, Kano was able to lift Koya out of the dirt and give her a Mobility Cart. She had crawled on the ground for 47 years, and this was the first mobility device Koya had ever received.

Koya and her family are so happy! The gift of mobility truly restores dignity, renews hope, and changes lives… just like Koya’s.


Name: Koya
Country: Kenya
Disability: not specified
Partner: Partners For Care

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