From Mel West, Mobility Worldwide co-founder:


Two more reports from PETs sent to The Republic of Georgia:
*** Vitali Tomadze, 70 years old, is a carpenter, from Ambrolauri. He lost his right leg because if diabetic gangrene three years ago. He tremendously suffered the immobility. It is difficult for him to get to his shop where he works. Everything in his house was made by him. The doors in his house and in several other houses were made and carved by him. He was delighted to see the PET and immediately got on it and headed for his workshop. “My hands are itching to do something,” he said.

In his house, he has an exact miniature copy of Nikortsminda Cathedral that he made as his private worship center. “I will pray for those who returned me to the joy of life,” he said.
*** Iuza Donadze, age 60, has a past history of stroke. He was paralyzed and was in bed motionless for two months. Then his health began recovering and he could use his hands again. Unfortunately, his legs remained motionless. His family members told us that he was so depressed by his helplessness that he refused to eat. When we first arrived at his place he did not want to see us.
Then we assembled the PET and rolled it into his room. We talked him into trying to drive it and he got on it. When he found that he could make it move he smiled. “That is the first time since his stroke that he has smiled,” his wife said. As we left he drove out of the house on his PET and into his beautiful garden.
Mel West

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