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Last night we were able to host an event so that 4 friends who traveled to Kenya this past April could share their stories and pictures. Connie Cheren, founder of Partners for Care, and Pastor Hirbo were coming for a visit and rearranged their travel plans to share as well. We invited our mission friends that lived in the local area. We had about 50 in attendance with several that traveled some distance to participate. We are so grateful for all of you and your enthusiasm to support our mobility mission around the globe.

A local pastor spoke along with our own volunteers Elsie Heller, Jeff Moran and Barbara Moran. Connie and Pastor Hirbo spoke and shared recipient stories as well. Mel West, our Founder, was in attendance and given the last word. Mel encouraged us to keep responding to need as we have ability. Thank you to all who came.

(Pastor Hirbo with Connie Cheren in the background in Kenya.)

The previous week on October 31, we loaded our 9th shipment to Partners for Care in Kenya. They have received over 2,000 of our Mobility Carts to date. Notice in this photo that we have support by Black and Gold. Two Mizzou wrestlers (on cart and with sign) Taylor Watkins and Dylan Wisman provided the lifting power to load 196 cart boxes for Kenya.

With your continued support, we will keep building and shipping your carts. Current production is 35 carts a week in 3 models. Watch for 25th anniversary activities in 2019. There is still room for others to join one of two distribution trips to Haiti in Feb. If you’re available and interested, write to us for the detail.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Gary Moreau, Executive Director & Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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