Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia update 11/8/17
Maker of the Mobility Cart since 1994.
Your support of our shop allows us to share donated parts!
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It has occurred to me that ?many of you readers are not aware of where all the Mobility Worldwide Production Sites are located. Our shop is pictured below (Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia); come visit us M – F 8 am to 3 pm.

Each is a stand-alone Affiliate, raising their own funds, but all building Mobility Carts to the same specifications. We cooperate in making up shipments, with mass purchases, and in other logical ways. Because of our long term mobility work and far reaches across the country, we are able to assist the other shops. We regularly ship out orders of 5 different parts. 3 are purchased in bulk with that discount being passed on to the smaller shops. 2 more steel parts (a seat bracket and a spring), our vendor friends give to us free and we share. So your support of our mission also affects the greater family of shops and the total annual production of 6,000+ carts. (Report below from Rhett Wheeler with Serge in Uganda.)

“Bartalomayo – 50 year old cancer survivor who had bilateral above knee amputations in 2012. (I think they progressively amputated higher and higher over the years).”

An umbrella organization called Mobility Worldwide oversees all this, with an annual conference that includes “best method” training, planning and comradeship.
This is the list of Affiliates, listed in order of their starting. Columbia is the largest producer, turning out 35 carts a week. All construction is done by volunteers.

(1) MO-Columbia 1994
(2) FL-Penny Farms 2001
(3) TX-Brazos Valley 2003
(4) FL-Tampa 2004
(5) MO-Southwest 2004
(6) KS-Moundridge 2006
(7) TX-San Antonio 2006
(8) IA-Hawarden 2007
(9) ME-Waterboro 2007
(10) MI-Holland 2008
(11) TX-Austin 2009
(12) MI-East Michigan 2010
(13) TN-Memphis 2010
(14) IA-Leighton 2011
(15) MN-Twin Cities 2011
(16) IN-De Motte 2012
(17) OH-Stow 2013
(18) AL-North Alabama 2013
(19) PA-Carlisle 2014
(20) MI-Saline 2014

That’s where our production is located. Some of these Affiliates are small, but staffed with dedicated and capable volunteers.

Our one Mobility Worldwide production site overseas is in Zambia. It is an offshoot of the mission site operated by co-founder Missionary Larry Hills when he asked for a mobility device for the many leg-handicapped persons in Zaire. They have an excellent facility and produce some 500 carts a year.

Now you know where all those 67,000+ carts have originated. 21,000+ from our Columbia shop. With your continued support, together we all make a difference!!
“Permit a person to light their fire from yours.” By Cicero 100 B.C.
Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia