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For years I’ve been reading, taking webinars, and such to learn more to help our mission be more successful. Last week I went to a seminar on new requirements coming down the pipe from the Accounting Standards Board. This was put on by our CPA firm. All attendees were from non-profits. As a kindness to us, one workshop was presented by a professional fundraising consultant brought in from St. Louis. She said many of the things I’ve already heard (good reminders). #1 Thank Donors #2 Make sure they know how you spent their gifts……

I see to the payment of almost all bills (Gary writes a few checks). Some are debited from our checking and the rest go out in check payments. I’m including a couple of examples: Marastar is our long time partner for solid rubber tires that come mounted on rims with our especially made PEER bearings and the front come with welded on sprockets for the chain drive. If you like numbers, I’ll let you figure out how long this supply of tires will last for $13,658. (Hint the last 2 lines are spacers, not tires.) Gary is shooting for 35 carts a week x 3 tires/wheels each. And then how many times a year would we pay this kind of bill to keep up that level of production. (Click on invoices to see pdfs.)

Another vendor I regularly send payments to is Fastenal. We buy thousands of different kinds of fasteners from them. They are near our shop. Their employees bring and stock our bins. In addition, they offer shipping to their other stores at a good rate. Gary regularly uses that part of their business as well for medium size shipments – say a pallet size.

Of course, we have all the other kind of bills like your family or business. We have utility bills, rent, and insurance to name a few.

Thank you to our great donors so that we can order Mobility Cart parts and our great vendors who keep us supplied with quality items. (These are in addition to all the free parts made by our volunteer Parts Makers across the country.)

Helping others be independent thru your gifts,

Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia