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From Kathy Maynard: One of our early volunteers and past Executive Director at the international level of our organization, Steve Baima, presented to a group and sent this comment afterward:

“Kathy & Mel, …As usual, there are always those in such audiences that ask about Mel and if he still goes to the shop. I told them that he does so, but these days more frequently in spirit than physically. So, Mel, the legacy lives on and on, especially as I think about the 25 Year Celebration Event in Austin next September. Who would have ever imagined?…”

Mel’s reply:

Thanks, Steve.. When I look/think back now at what we did, for example, with The Office of Creative Ministries and all that went with that, and then the development years of Mobility Worldwide (PET), I can see no way that I had the time and energy to do all that. After we moved here to Lenoir (senior complex), I was still up at 5 every morning, and at the mobility shop at six and home at 5, year after year.

Vision is a great energizer. When I was in Malawi for Habitat for Humanity in about 1985, I visited an open country one-room, one teacher school, with 87 pupils, learning by rote. They all came out for a photo, which I have. Bright, shining, smiling faces, all healthy-BUT, one girl was carried out and set on the ground. I never forgot her and think the memory of her helped push me.

Barbara and I are richly blessed. What an honor to have such folks as those of the Randolph County Christian Women ask about us.

Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia