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Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia update 12/1/17

Many of you have sent condolences after the recent death of our son, and I want to share a bit about his life. He was a strong supporter of Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia.

Moine Irving West was born in 1951 and lived his first years on our dairy farm in southwest Missouri, romping with the calves and pigs. He started school in the same one-room rural school his grandmother had attended. In 1959 we moved to Dallas, TX, then in 1965, back to Missouri. After high school here he went to Grinnell College, in Iowa. The summer after graduation, he went to Mexico and became fluent in Spanish.

He then went to Columbia University in New York City for a graduate degree in International Business. Summers he worked on the famous hospital ship that serves the poor of New York.

Following graduation he worked as sales manager for John Deere for the countries of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. In Bogota, Colombia he met the young lady who became his wife and the Vargas family and the West family became one blended family.

When it became too dangerous to continue to live in Colombia, they returned to the USA where he worked as Latin American Sales Manager for Dickie Clothing. Moine and Mabel gave us two grandsons, both employed in the technology industry.

Three years ago cancer was discovered in his body, and he fought that battle and lost. With an excellent hospice care service giving last days care, his family from two countries surrounded his bed. His celebration of life service was led by a minister friend who had been his backyard neighbor for several years.

Moine was strong in his support of higher education and humanitarian projects. He wanted available for all the benefits and opportunities he had been given.

Barbara and I thank those of you who sent notes/cards of love and support. We know that many/all of you have experienced the loss of loved ones.
“To us, family means putting your arms around each other, and being there.” by Barbara Bush
Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia