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I am a quote keeper. One sentence can sometimes say something more profoundly than an entire speech. In the last “Forbes” magazine it had this quote from Malcolm Forbes – “Moneys’ merits are measured by its use, not the amount.”

That is profound, and worthy of contemplation, especially perhaps here at Easter time and our talk of giving up things for Lent.

Translated it means that the $300 we send to enable a person now crawling upon the ground to arise to a new life of hope, pride, dignity, comfort and productivity may be worth more than the $300 we spend for a ball-game weekend.

Translated it means that the $300 we send to provide a year of high school for a young man or lady in Nicaragua will yield longer and better dividends than that same amount spent for an un-needed gadget for our car or home.

Translated it means that a cup of fancy coffee for $5.00 may not be a good buy, if it could feed a hungry child for a week.

Translated it means that all of us should regularly look at our check book stubs and credit card bills and ask ourselves, “Am I really getting the most for my money?”
“Money is a good servant, but a bad master.” French saying

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Mel West, Director Emeritus
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