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MO-Columbia update 6/7/18

In April, Gary flew to Nicaragua to tour one of our partners’ work. This is part of his report that will be in the summer newsletter coming out this month.

One publicly gave a prayer to say Thank You to God for Your Generosity in building carts

“Rainbow Network offers Go and See Trips each year. April 11-15 I visited Nicaragua to see firsthand what great accomplishments they make with the rural village people of this poor country….

Among the 50,000 people helped, mobility is solved by the appropriate mobility devices, i.e., crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, and Mobility Carts. As we returned to Managua one day, 7 cart recipients met me under the shade tree and told me how grateful they are to be able to ride around their community. They were all sizes and weights. Some had improvised their carts with a canopy. One sold tortillas from his cart that his family bakes. Another had a disease, most likely diabetes, and both legs were amputated. Others just had accidents during their lives and could not walk.

Several carts had been out nearly 5 years, another was 8 days old. All the men, in this case, were overjoyed. One publicly gave a prayer to say Thank You to God for Your Generosity in building carts. As you can see they held a small sign from a paper plate that says, ‘Thank you to All that support this Mobility Project.'”

On May 11, a full overseas shipping container headed out to this mission partner. It was a combined shipment from Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia and The Container Project in our warehouse.

Contents: Over 2,000 boxes. Supplies going are new tires for trucks, new computers, boxes of Spanish books, school supplies and desks, 14 Mobility Carts and lots of spare parts. Sewing machines, fabric, baby layettes, etc. Walkers, crutches, and a wheelchair.

Thank you for making this news and shipment possible.

Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator
Gary Moreau, Executive Director
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia