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Read the stories in the feet you see. Some are well groomed with painted nails and some in high heels. Here at Lenoir where I live a huge building operation is in process, with many of the workers wearing steel toed work shoes. The executives in the offices wear other kinds. Tennis shoes, boxing shoes, golf shoes, basketball shoes, football shoes, rubber boots, fishing waders – all tell something about the owner of the feet.

Look at the foot in the attached photo from Kenya. One can easily make up the story of that foot. It belongs to a man who is very poor and has crawled upon the ground for many years, dragging his feet over sharp rocks, briars and more. It was once crushed by an iron wheeled wagon when he tried to crawl across the street. Twice his machete cut deep into its flesh as he crawled along cutting weeds. Many times the foot has become infected from the cuts from sharp rocks and the filth through which he crawled. Now the foot rides safely on his hand-cranked Mobility Cart, as does its owner.

Kenya man with damaged feet

On the wall of our Mobility Worldwide office is a photo of a man who walked on his knees two miles to get his Mobility Cart, dragging his bare feet along behind him.

In my book, ‘AlphaPET’ there is a photo of Alecia Tessenia, a polio victim in Honduras. She is shown, at age 22, getting on her cart for the first time. She has trowel-like protectors for her hands as she crawls, but her bare feet slide along behind. Now, after 20 years of being abused, her feet can, with her, ride in comfort. For those that still have them, feet love the Mobility Cart. (The book is available for only $13 if picked up at the shop. At the link, you can read about ordering to read Alecia’s story and others.)

Alecia Tessenia

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of old. Seek what they sought.” – Basho
Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia