From Dick Stevens:
blue Mobility Cart on Lilongwe street
Lilongwe, Malawi

I had just arrived in Malawi after a long trip from Indiana. Wilson picked me up the next morning about 9:00 for several errands in Lilongwe and to plan the rest of my visit. Rounding a corner in the city, I looked up and there, coming down the street in our direction, was a man riding a Mobility Cart. Smiling, he waved at us. We waved back. Little did he know that the man driving our car was the source of his Mobility Cart.

Shortly after lunch we picked up some pipe and materials
for a new underground line that would run from the road to the Distribution Center. Approaching a busy intersection, Wilson slowed to let a person on a blue Mobility Cart pass in front of us. The person could not have reflected more happiness than if he had gotten off the unit and curtsied in front of us!

Then finally, when we were near the Paratroop Battalion Headquarters just a few kilometers from our Distribution Center, another person on a Mobility Cart passed us going at a good speed. I mentioned it, but Wilson seemed to take it in stride as though he sees this every day. Then suddenly I realized . . . . he does! Over 2300 Mobility Carts delivered to this country do stand out!
Name: multiple
Country: Malawi
Disability: multiple
Partner: Malawi Project & Action for Progress