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Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update: 924 built since 1-1-17

My life has been blessed by my relationship with some of God’s little people. (The word now rejected was “dwarf.”)

Forty or more years ago, we established a program to encourage local churches to become accessible. The young lady that chaired that committee was Edna Jo Steinbeck, one of God’s little people, all of 28 inches tall. She was short in height but tall in spirit, and led our churches to prepare their facilities for persons with handicapping conditions. A few years later I had her funeral. Little people do not live long. She was 34.

About the same time, using three youth work camps we built a special house for one of God’s little men near Columbia. His legs did not function, and he lived in a wheelchair. The youth built him a house especially designed for his disabilities. He also died young.

Some years ago, Mobility Worldwide sent a wheelchair to a little person in Liberia, Africa, and received a nice letter and photo.

The “In-Touch” magazine recently featured an article about the Mbuti pygmy people of the Congo. Perhaps the happy man on the Mobility Cart is of that tribe, or kin. According to the article, the Mbuti have a very low I.Q., about 54. They die young, at about age 20, and receive “perpetual mistreatment”. They are hunter-gatherers, living off whatever the rainforest provides.

Our cart recipient may have been one of those who made his way into civilization, and into the caring fellowship of a United Methodist Church, then became the recipient of a Mobility Cart. He sits proudly on his cart, and surrounded by a congregation of supportive persons.

??”To really enjoy the better things of life, one must first have experienced the things they are better than.” – – Oscar Homolck
Mel West, Director Emeritus

P.S. Re: sheet of pictures child in cargo is holding in first picture: A children’s Sunday School class in AK called Sprouts has extensive mission learning and fundraising experiences. They have chosen our mobility mission 3 times in twelve years raising $11,685 total. We received these sheets to go in carts they made possible (with no special shipping destination). Who would have guessed United Methodist children would end up with their carts going to a UM Rehab Center in Liberia. God works in amazing ways. Go Sprouts!

DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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