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MW Columbia update 2/15/19: 222 Mobility Carts built in 2019

Here is just one more example. The Tim Tebow Foundation puts on events called Night to Shine – prom night experience. Night to Shine is for persons with special needs under age 14. This month it was hosted by 655 churches in all 50 states and in 24 countries. At 1:52/4:01 minutes of the 2019 Night to Shine Worldwide Highlight Video appeared one of our Mobility Cart recipients (video capture below). We are glad to share this with you and appreciate all your support to provide mobility around the globe. Our mission: ……. We seek to provide mobility for those in greatest need and with the least resources in poor or underdeveloped countries.

Sending your love around the world,

Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia