Mobility Cart plus sewing machine sustain Joseph’s family

From Africa Surgery:

Joseph Kamara, now 48, suffered from polio when he was a child. Last January, Africa Surgery presented him with a Mobility Cart (donated by Mobility Worldwide) to allow him to easily go around his village and beyond.

Joseph, who has worked all of his life as a tailor, asked us for a sewing machine, to replace his worn out, 20 year old gear. On January 30, 2020, Africa Surgery surprised him with a sturdy Singer. He quickly mastered its use. Joseph had previously confided that he was unable to sleep at night, because he could not send his grandchildren to school and also care for his aging mother. Now, with the new machine, he is able to sleep again.

Joseph and some of his family, with his mother in the foreground and him in the background.

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