Mobility Cart “goes where wheelchairs can’t go” in Liberia

From Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia:
Liberia man on Mobility Cart
We’re immensely proud to have gifted this extraordinary gentleman with a life-changing Mobility Cart, courtesy of Mobility Worldwide. This remarkable cart enables him to explore places beyond the reach of regular wheelchairs, opening up a world of possibilities!

Witness his awe-inspiring journey through heartwarming photos, starting in 2020 when he received a wheelchair from the kind donation of Through These Hands.

Partnerships with Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia are creating a profound impact on lives, and his radiant smile speaks volumes about the transformative power of these initiatives.

Praise be to God.
LIberia man crawling

Liberia man getting on to wheel chair

Liberia man on wheel chair

Liberia man approaching Mobility Cart

Name: not specified
Country: Liberia
Disability: not specified
Partner: Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia

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