MH4H: Mobility Cart Smiles and Stories

From Liberty E Free – Smiles and Stories:

Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice in it! Bonjou from Haiti. This was our last day in Haiti, and we have some great highlights to share.

Many of us woke up early and saw a beautiful sunrise creep above the mountains and fill the sky with many shades of red, pink, and purple colors. It truly was a glorious morning. This morning we loaded 5 huge boxes in the truck to deliver PET carts which offer mobility to those who have trouble walking. The PET carts are made in Leighton, Iowa by a dedicated group of people and shipped in a container to Haiti (and around the world); we were able to be the final leg to deliver, assemble, and donate the PET carts. We traveled to a community 30 minutes away and spent time interviewing each candidate to understand their need and ensure they could operate and maintain the PET cart. Hannah helped interview and document information while the rest of us worked on assembly. We had four great candidates that came and were fitted and trained. One man came from an hour away because he heard MH4H was going to be giving away PET carts. He had a prosthetic leg from an accident and had trouble walking any distance on it. The anticipation on his face was almost like a kid the morning of Christmas.

The PET cart does more than just offer mobility. We were able to show God’s love to individuals who are “the least of these”, that their lives matter. These PET carts will allow them to be of worth in a society that requires physical work to survive. Each person had a different story but the same smile as they were able to begin rolling around the street.

We finished up the training, sang a song in Creole, prayed over the people, and headed to another location. The last PET cart went to a young mother (21 years old) who has a 3 year old child. In December she was in a motorcycle accident, and her leg was amputated below her knee. She was shy, but when we made a fuss over her and began fitting her for the PET cart her huge smile emerged. It was hot and dusty, but for many of us the PET cart delivery was the highlight of the day, if not the entire trip.

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