Mel and Barbara West Cart Center progressing

The city of Columbia allows “activities at open construction sites…. as long as they operate safely and using Social Distancing Requirements”

Therefore, construction of our new shop, Mel and Barbara West Cart Center, is coming along. On March 17, cement began pouring for the flooring. Below are some shots from March 29 with some interior views. (More details at Mel and Barbara West Cart Center Coming.)


The Boone Electric Community Trust awarded a grant to assist with the installation of a fire/smoke/security system for our new building.

inside view of 2 semi loading docks
inside view of 2 semi loading docks

The PET Mobility Project Foundation awarded a grant to purchase additional warehouse racks. The racks will hold supplies and boxed Mobility Carts awaiting shipment.

1st time ever welding area
1st time ever welding area

The Stafford Family Charitable Trust awarded a grant to fill the welding shop with equipment.

We are grateful to these three organizations that will make our new building more complete, efficient, and safe. And thanks to our board trustee, Dell Epperson, who applied for these grants. And thanks also to another board trustee, Dennis Canote, who has been the lead contact for Coil Construction. They have worked together to make this building a reality along with our two major donor families.

“You are welcome this week to come by the new building. Wear mud boots. The walls are up and you can imagine your space…. Gary” There’s been a delay in the overhead doors due to layoffs, but things still look good for a summer grand opening. Stay tuned.

Once the city order is lifted and the shop returns to normal, I anticipate our dedicated production/assembly volunteers will make up time. Our next planned shipment is for Kenya this spring. We hope that you and your families are well.

Gary MoreauStay safe and best wishes,

Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator &

Gary Moreau, Executive Director

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