Maug Maung Soe is a 27-year-old man from Yangon Division in Burma. In 2009 he had an accident at the factory that he worked at. Shortly after, he received spinal cord surgery at Yangon Hospital. However, a few months later his legs became weak and he could not walk anymore. He is a swimmer for the Myanmar national swimming team and has had competitions all around Burma and other countries too. He even medaled at a swimming competition in the Philippines.

He received a new wheelchair in Htanabin Township, Yangon Division, when the Burma Children Medical Fund ran a wheelchair fitting mission at a local temple. This wheelchair is suitable for him because it is good exercise for his arms and can help to make his arms stronger for swimming. He can now give away his old wheelchair. He is very happy that he received the new wheelchair and it will be easier for him to go outside. He wants to be a famous swimmer and have a family in the future. “Thank you very much to all of the donors, and I hope that this organization will continue to help more people who need the wheelchair like me.”