Many Hands for Haiti – Transporting Freedom


The Gumpel Family Team spent their day in Haiti assembling and distributing PET carts! These carts give the freedom to those who are immobile.

Today my group woke up early. For breakfast, we had really good pancakes. Then we got in to the trucks for a 15-mile trip to Hinche to deliver some PET carts (personal energy transport). The ride was an hour and a half long, and it was full of bumps and dirt roads. When we made it to Hinche, we unloaded and assembled the PET carts.

Starting the journey to Hinche for PET cart distribution
Assembling PET carts
Emily and April gathering information for the PET cart program
Ethan test driving the PET cart

The kids and their families that received the PET carts were extremely happy and grateful. We had Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches for lunch at the distribution site. After the distribution, we drove back to Many Hands for Haiti and played with the kids. Then we heard the bell, and it was time for dinner.

Arenz Michel receiving a child-sized PET!
With his mother, Rodly Jean experiences the freedom of mobility!

-Ethan and Peter Gumpel

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