Manuel & Ismelda receive Gifts of Mobility in Honduras

Carts sent to Yorito, Yoro by AHMEN (Alabama Honduras Medical Educational Network):


From Janet Espinosa:

What a fun day it was!!

Manuel lives in Ayapa, a large community just outside Yoro. He is 65 years old and lives with his blind mother in a one room structure. He had poliomyelitis as a child and walks with the aid of a plastic chair.

Ismelda lives near an industrial plant on the outskirts of Yoro. She is 49 years old and will have the support of local church members. Her feet were turned out at birth and have never been corrected. She walks with a walker, but was thrilled with the PET.

Fanny has id numbers and additional information. She keeps good records. In the photos you will see Ramon (I believe) who uses his PET all over the place and met us when we arrived with Ismelda’s PET. Also another person was going down the highway in his PET and we got a video through the front windshield.

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