From Bikes for Handicapped Children:


We were so blessed to receive special bikes for the handicapped children via our friends at PET (Personal Energy Transportation). They were donated by Mobility Worldwide. These special bikes for the handicapped allow children who cannot walk to ride a bike using their arms to pedal. We actually received these gifts a while back, but we didn’t want to “just give them away…” We wanted to find the people and children who really needed them. This is “Manny,” a young man who is a friend of one of our missionary partners, Diddi. She has “Mission Haiti Helping Kids.” We partner with many organizations in Haiti because the need is so great that “no one organization” can fit the many needs, but when we put our hands and hearts together, we become stronger. “A three-fold cord cannot be broken…” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

That is why we appreciate all of our wonderful partners!!!

We love you,
Bobby and Sherry