From The Strength of a Father-Daughter Bond:


Louvemy Meronè is a special needs girl with a child’s Mobility Cart. At just ten years of age, she has already lived through unimaginable hardship due to the loss of her mother during childbirth. Despite this tragedy, her father Elisson has shown incredible love and devotion to his daughter Louvemy ever since. He choose to keep and raise his precious child rather than casting her aside, a decision driven by the unwavering love he had for her from the outset.

Louvemy started in March of 2019, age 6, with a pull model Mobility Cart where she would be pulled in the cart like a wagon. But she has learned to ‘drive’ on her own since the crank mechanism was added. Her gramma compliments Louvemy on her ‘driving’ skills!

It is clear that the relationship between Louvemy and her father is strong, matched only by her affection for her Mobility Cart which she never lets anyone else touch or sit on. Louvemy cherishes it so much that even after everyone in the house has gone to bed, she can be found pushing around its wheels late into the night. In moments like these, we can see how strong the bond between father and daughter really is; something so valuable cannot be taken away despite any hurdles life may bring along the way.


“Nothing can break their connection”

Despite countless obstacles thrown their way, Ellison and Louvemy’s determination remains unshakeable. Even though he cannot go out to seek a job, Ellison still dreams big for the future – owning a bakery beside his home with an oven to bake bread. His smile lights up the room whenever he talks about it, and despite the fact that the project has been in limbo for more than a year due to lack of funds, his ambition does not falter. While economic hardships have put a strain on their lives, nothing can break their connection. Together they will keep striving towards creating a better life for them both – an arguably noble way of living, inspired by loving devotion.

Louvemy is an extraordinary little girl who loves to regularly attend church with her family. Although she hasn’t been attending lately as she had outgrown her shoes and couldn’t attend the service. On a recent Many Hands visit, staff and the family enjoyed her happiness and amazement as Ellison sang a song. Louvemy seemed to have the musical talent of a bright-eyed bird, being able to mimic some of the syllables and vowels without missing a beat. Of course, the word that she knows better than any other is “Papa”, because her father means absolutely everything to her. You can’t help but smile when seeing such beautiful presence in the world!

Name: Louvema
Country: Haiti
Disability: not specified
Partner: Many Hands for Haiti